Mr Dogru graduated in 2011 from Bachelor of Law (LL. B) degree at Istanbul University, which is the best and oldest university in Turkey. Mr Dogru successfully worked as a lawyer and legal consultant who dealth in Turkey with a wide range of lawsuits including from public to private sector, from individual to business cases.

After completing his attorney internship at the Istanbul Bar Association, he worked as a lawyer in Istanbul. Upon his distinguished success as a result of national examination, he was appointed as a lawyer at the Catalca Forest Management Directorate in August 2013. After working for 2.5 years at Catalca Forest Management Directorate, he started to work as a Regional Advocate to Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Istanbul (1st Region). In this institution, he was responsible for a total of 6 provinces, Sakarya Kocaeli, Istanbul, Tekirdag, Kirklareli and Edirne. He succesfully worked at this post until the end of 2017. A number of his achievements were reflected in the national press, on behalf of the Ministry. In 2018, he established his own law firm in Istanbul, Turkey.

Mr. Dogru completed his master’s degree in economics from Istanbul Medeniyet University in February 2021 with a very high success (3.95/4.0 scale) in the department of “International Trade and Investment Management”. After such a successful career in Turkey in 2021, he decided to extend his business and set up a London based legal consultancy company named Reference Legal Consultancy providing business and Turkish Legal Consultancy services